Tennessee Divorce Law: Mediation

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Prior to the mediation session, mediators will have met with attorneys from either party and familiarized themselves with the circumstances, as well as the competing perspectives. The mediator sits down prepared to listen further, examining the details as they emerge and assessing the pros and cons for both parties. This analysis is then presented in the form of opinions — observations meant to provide clarity so that the parties themselves can make informed decisions. Around 85% of divorces in the state of Tennessee reach a resolution through mediation.

Again, a mediator’s advice is simply that: advice. They’re there to dampen tension, explore creative options for problem-solving, and guide both parties towards whatever decisions they choose to make.

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The Importance of Finding a Mediator

If the aforementioned reasoning isn’t enough to consider mediation, it’s worth looking at the statistics. Divorces in which resolutions are reached by mediation have an incredibly high rate of success — around 85% in the state of Tennessee. It’s easy to see why! After all, would you rather have some random judge who doesn’t care about you make decisions that will permanently affect your family’s future?

Many divorce attorneys are trained in mediation practices. If you have an attorney and have yet to breach the topic of mediation, ask about the standard practice of finding a mediator for their firm. If you’ve yet to hire an attorney, mediation is definitely something about which you should inquire during initial consultations. Divorce is rough and doesn’t always end in rapturous trumpeting, but a willingness to negotiate can make all the difference.

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