Coronavirus Prevention (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preventative Measures

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as Nashville’s Safer at Home Order, our office is presently offering a few options for clients who need to meet with an attorney while exercising Coronavirus prevention measures. The first option is to give us a call to schedule a Zoom conference video call which will allow clients to see and speak with an attorney while remaining in their own home. The second option is to opt out of a Zoom call and visit our office in-person while exercising all COVID-19 precautions laid out by the Center for Disease Control. The following graphic should be used to determine whether you are exhibiting any symptoms associated with the Coronavirus.

coronavirus prevention

Coronavirus Prevention Tips

We can all pitch in to ensure Coronavirus prevention in our homes and at work. If you, or someone you’ve come in contact with, have experienced any of the symptoms described above, we ask that you stay home and schedule a Zoom meeting if your need to meet with your attorney is dire. Otherwise, our office is happy to accommodate you while abiding by the following precautionary COVID-19 procedures:

coronavirus prevention
  • Protective Masks – we have a limited quantity of masks, so we encourage visitors to bring their own.
  • Sanitize Hands – while we do have hand sanitizer available in our office, we ask that clients and guests limit themselves to one (1) pump per use.
  • Shake Hands – we request that visitors refrain from shaking hands with each other or their attorneys at this time
  • Social Distance – we ask that office visitors remain six (6) feet apart from other visitors and staff members
  • Wash Hands – we encourage all office visitors to wash their hands with soap upon arriving to and departing from the office.

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