Division of Property and Debts in TN

Division of Property and Debts in Tennessee Divorce Law One thing that happens when two people get married is that their assets and debts are suddenly merged. These remain merged, and the assets and debts which are then accrued merge into the remainder. Such is the nature of that famous union of two souls we call matrimony. So, if marriage … Read More

Uncontested Divorce in TN

What is an Uncontested Divorce? Also known as a “no fault divorce”, an uncontested divorce is what you’d call a divorce involving two spouses who are in total agreement about everything. All of it. This is, as any legal professional will tell you, the smoothest type of divorce. It’s pretty obvious why that’s the case — when there are no … Read More

Grounds for Divorce in Tennessee

What are Grounds for Divorce? Grounds for divorce, as you might expect, can vary wildly. The relevancy of grounds depends entirely on the situation, and are therefore considered on a case by case basis. Off the top of your head, it’s probably easy to think of some common grounds for divorce — adultery, domestic abuse, abandonment, stuff like that. But … Read More